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Restore your flexibility and movement to their natural states through the art of Yin & Yang Yoga.  Feel your hips, hamstrings, spine and shoulders relax open as you smoothly flow into simple, long-held  postures that target the joints and connective tissues.  With an emphasis on letting go, this practice is all about how the body feels, helping you to learn your own intuitive sense of moving fluidly and gracefully.  Improvement comes quickly with very little practice and you will find new levels of flexibility whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran.


Yin & Yang Yoga is suitable for all bodies, ages, shapes and sizes.  Students will experience improved flexibility and even the most seasoned yoga student will be challenged.  Yin & Yang Yoga is also the perfect complement to a dynamic physical workout or other more yang-style yoga practices.  Classes and private instruction are available at yoga studios, fitness centers, retirement communities and throughout West Hawaii.


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Gary Jaster, YYYRT

All instruction is provided by Gary Jaster, YYYRT(Yin & Yang Yoga* Registered Teacher) who has been personally trained and certified to teach Yin & Yang Yoga by Paulie Zink, the founder of Yin Yoga.  Gary loves to share his passion for the unique and effective style of yoga that he teaches.  Through years of teaching and personal practice, Gary has watched his students transform their lives as they acquire greater levels of flexibility and movement. This style of yoga that Gary teaches mirrors his philosophy in life, as students are encouraged to trust in their own intuitive sense and wisdom, rather than being concerned about doing it right. Gary is certified yoga instructor, with a M.Ed. degree in Rehabilitation and over 30 years of fitness experience.  He is certified by the only organization to offer certification in Yin Yoga as authorized by Yin Yoga founder Paulie Zink.  For an international directory of instructors visit The Yin Yoga Institute.




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Yin & Yang Yoga is appropriate for all ages and levels of flexibility, and advanced instruction is also available.  To view video of advanced levels of Yin & Yang Yoga click Yin Yoga Flow with Paulie Zink.